Vectors Group Services meet the diverse needs of Non Profits and Social Enterprises.

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Management Consulting Services

Vectors Group is a management consulting firm that helps nonprofit organizations apply business practices to achieve and maintain high-impact and sustainable results. By leveraging best practices in strategic evaluation and planning, risk management, and funding diversification as well as providing training, Vectors Group strives to help nonprofits in their pursuit of building healthy and thriving communities where everyone can fully participate and live fulfilling lives.

AI Support Services for Nonprofits

We enhance your capabilities with customized AI integration and comprehensive implementation support services.

Strategic Planning

We comprehensively examine your environment and capacity to develop actionable strategic plans.

Funding Diversification

Increase predictability of your organization’s revenue and continuity of your services by diversifying your funding structure.

Risk Management

Our researchers developed the ViStA Risk Management Framework specifically for nonprofit organizations and charities.

Grant Applications

We explore government, nonprofit and public sector grant opportunities and prepare grant applications on your behalf.

Training Programs

We offer customized entry level, management level and executive training programs for nonprofit leaders and teams.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing will increase the visibility of your nonprofit organization among beneficiaries, potential volunteers, and individual donors.

Financial Management

Our accountants will develop your financial statements and managerial accounting reports for boards and other stakeholders.

Process Evaluation and Reporting

We can assist your team to increase your efficiency, reduce costs and optimize your organizational capacity. Do more with less.

Project Management

Our project management experts can play a key role during the initiation, execution and reporting phases of your capacity or service projects.

Strategic Management

Our strategic dashboards and strategic governance tools can play a key role in the sustainability and growth of your nonprofit.

Policy Development

We develop customized policies at operational, strategic and governance levels to ensure compliance with the laws, regulations and best practices.

Digital Transformation

Digitalization is the future of nonprofit sector and charitable services. Let us design and develop your digital services for higher impact.

Change Management

Make your operational and strategic transition and reforms smooth with the assistance of our change management experts.

Measurement of Impact

Vectors Group researchers developed a scientific methodology to measure individual, target-group and community level impact of nonprofits and their services.

Operational Analysis

We can help you to maximize your capacity by measuring and analysing your systems, policies, procedures, structure, and resources.

Virtual Staff

We offer affordable virtual staff solutions to assist your organizational activities such as accounting, operations, marketing or grant applications.

Online Consulting Services

No matter where your nonprofit organization located our experienced consultants and academic researchers are ready to support your team.

Executive Strategic Evaluation Process (E-SEP)

Executive Strategic Evaluation Process (E-SEP) is a practical strategic evaluation tool for nonprofit boards and management teams.

Salesforce for Nonprofits

Salesforce for Nonprofits is free and it can be a game changer for your nonprofit organization and stakeholder engagement.

Social Enterprise

Social enterprise is a promising funding channel. Let Vectors Group team develop a social enterprise business plan for your nonprofit.


Are you looking for nonprofit sector experts?

Our researchers and senior management consultants have developed practical scientific solutions to help nonprofit organizations grow and succeed. Please subscribe our e-mailing list to hear about our new solutions and training programs.

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    Your strategic partner
    Vectors Group
    Management Consulting for Nonprofits and Social Enterprises
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    Your strategic partner
    Vectors Group
    Management Consulting for Nonprofits and Social Enterprises
    Our locations
    Where to find us?
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    Follow us on social media to get updatesabout our services.

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