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No matter where your nonprofit organization located our experienced consultants and academic researchers are ready to support your team.

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As Vectors Group, we define ourselves as the pit stop of non-profit organizations. Life goes on, so are charitable community services. To be able to assist you during these difficult times we are ready with our full capacity of Nonprofit consulting services. It is time to get prepared for the Post-Covid-19 era. Contact us now to learn more about the Nonprofit consulting services listed below.

  • Risk management, planning and implementation
  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Impact measurement and management
  • Internet visibility and social media communication
  • Online data management
  • Online human resources management
  • Funding diversification
  • The grant application and project development
  • Administrative support


This step uses qualitative and qualitative data to measure and visualize where your nonprofit is today and where you want it to be in the future. This will merge your strategic priorities with your organization’s ‘impact’.

Facilitating communication between the board and staff ensures the valuable ideas your employees provide through this engagement and decision-making process will reinforce their commitment to “buy-in” and to strategy execution success.

At the end of this process, you will also get a chart similar to this one that shows where your organization is today and where you want to see it in 3-5 years depending on your strategic planning period. We will also teach nonprofit organizations how to use this tool so they will be able to measure their strategic performance or progress in certain periods.

Strategic Evaluation Methodology

Strategic Road Mapping

Here we provide a guideline for actionable strategic planning and strategic implementation. We help nonprofit organizations define and set strategic objectives that align with your organization’s vision and mission, and by prioritizing goals to ensure the high priority ones have the proper resourcing to ensure success. Our consultants do an environmental analysis, benchmarking and literature research to simplify the strategic process for the decision-makers. The following is an example of a strategic road-mapping process.
We leave you with the strategic evaluation tools you need to realize your nonprofit goals and exceed your expectations.

Executive Strategic Evaluation Process (E-SEP) is a strategic evaluation tool develop by Vectors Group researchers to assist nonprofit organizations and charities.

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    Our Clients Rely on Us


    Vectors Group was surprisingly fast and effective in our strategy evaluation process. Their custom designed questionnaire both helped us to quantify “where we are today” and “where we want to be in the future” and helped us prioritize our strategies.
    Yacouba Traoré
    Executive Director, Rideau-Rockcliffe CRC

    We wanted to build on the quality of services that we currently provide, identify gaps and embrace emerging opportunities. Vectors Group’s strategic-planning process helped us evaluate where we are, identify our priorities and develop a clear plan to achieve them.
    Deirdre Freiheit
    President & CEO, Shepherds of Good Hope

    Vectors Group and its Lead Consultant Omer Livvarcin were very helpful in facilitating the creation of a video series for OrKidstra. We very much appreciate Vector Group’s commitment to helping us tell our story and increase awareness and support for our social development through music programs.
    Tina Fedeski
    M.S.M., Executive & Artistic Director, OrKidstra

    Thank you so much for presenting today on time management – you are an amazing speaker, and bring such warmth and positivity with you, that you lift the energy of the virtual space and share such excellent advice and tips in a respectful manner.

    Kristy Anne Townshend
    ally- Community Developer (BA, B.Ed., MA, MSW) Kagita Mikam

    The Alberta Workforce Essential Skills Society contracted Omer and Mercedes at Vectors Group to walk us through a strategic planning exercise using tools designed by himself and his team specifically for the non-profit sector. Through the guided sessions, we were about to define our services, values, and impact to a greater degree. We walked away with a better understanding of the goals we want to focus on over the next three years. Omer and Mercedes were engaging and shared numerous tools that will be helpful as we take steps towards measuring our accomplishments. Thank you.

    Cindy Messaros
    Executive Director, Alberta Workforce Essential Skills,

    Vectors Group is definitely one of the most effcient and professional management consulting group for nonprofit organizations in Ottawa. Its dedicated team offers valuable scientific and applicable solutions that fit the needs of charities, foundations, associations and other nonprofit organizations, and help them improve their strategic planning and organizational performance.

    Emmanuel R. Goffi
    Emmanuel Goffi
    Director, Global AI Ethics Institute

    The way Daniel (Vectors Group) has tied it all together and shown the interconnectedness of the various elements works really well in guiding the discussion. In fact, I think it’s one of the best formats I’ve ever seen in all the years I’ve been involved with Strategic Planning.
    Leon Mills
    M.Ed, CAE, COHC, Executive Director, Canadian Hard of Hearing Association–Newfoundland & Labrador

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    Your strategic partner
    Vectors Group
    Management Consulting for Nonprofits and Social Enterprises
    Our locations
    Where to find us?
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    Social links
    Follow us on social media to get updatesabout our services.

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    Copyright by Vectors Group. All rights reserved.

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